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An Exciting New Instrument for Evaluating Surface Debris on Paper

The Dusting/Surface Contamination Gauge is a new quality control tool for paper manufacturers, web press printers, paper coaters and paper mill suppliers. The Gauge allows non-destructive, fast, repeatable and consistent tests for surface contamination or dust caused by loose fiber filler, surface treatment or coating from the paper making process.

The Gauge eliminates the pressure variable associated with the common “black rag” method. Each gauge is carefully calibrated to 5.0 lbs. of pressure, so that regardless of who executes the test, the results will be identical for a specific roll of paper.

The Gauge provides a retainable impression of the tendency of the paper to cause print quality or coating quality problems such as whitening, milking, fish-eyes, print-blanket-contamination and coating contamination. The retained sample can be visually compared with standards developed by the mill or press for a specific grade of paper, or if used for “before-and-after” machine trials the sample is compared with the control sample.

Simple, Fast and Repeatable

Tests are run by placing a swatch of standardized black felt, as supplied with the gauge, onto the surface of the up-to-speed paper surface. After noting the start time, place the gauge-test-cup directly onto the swatch. Press down and hold at the red line of the spring loaded central shaft of the gauge for the specified test duration. Test duration is based on machine speed and typically runs between 15 seconds and two minutes. Complete instructions for performing the test and determining test duration are supplied with the gauge.

Tests can be run at any safe location where the web is fully backed-up or supported. At the paper machine, the test location would typically be the wind-up. At the web-press or off-machine-coater, the location could be either the unwind or wind-up. Roll diameter is of no concern, as long as surface speed is consistent.

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