About R.A. Emerson & Company

Our History

During more than thirty years in the paper industry, as a paper mill production manager, field customer service rep and chemical salesman, Robert Emerson performed thousands of traditional "black rag" tests at paper mills, coaters, converters and print shops to evaluate surface debris on paper. This traditional test has many variables such as test duration, test pressure and test medium. Due to these variables, no two tests would produce identical results. Based on that we developed the Dusting Gauge to eliminate all those variables. We were awarded patent #5,628,228 in 1997. Over the next few years we worked with several mills, coaters and printers to refine and improve the gauge, and we now offer the very best tool on the market for evaluation of surface debris.

Our Customers

We have manufactured and supplied over five-hundred Dusting Gauges to paper mills, paper coaters, converters and printers in thirty eight countries around the world. Many customers utilize several Gauges throughout their operations. More recently paper binder suppliers, chemical additive suppliers and pigment suppliers have discovered the value of the Gauge. With the Gauge these suppliers can quickly demonstrate the impact of their products on paper quality.

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