Dusting/Contamination Gauge Product Information

A Valuable Tool for All Paper Related Industries

Paper Manufactures, can quickly:

  1. Evaluate the impact of additive, insolubilizer, binder, sizing, lubricant, furnish or pigment changes.
  2. Evaluate the impact of mechanical changes to the wet end, size press or coater.
  3. Evaluate run-to-run consistency.
  4. Predict print quality problems.
  5. Produce retainable dusting sample-swatches to help troubleshoot complaints.

Web-Press-Printers and Off-Machine Coaters, can quickly:

  1. Predict problems such as coating or fountain solution contamination.
  2. Predict run duration between blanket changes. (Web-Press)
  3. Reject rolls without printing or coating the entire roll.
  4. Evaluate sample rolls when considering potential suppliers.
  5. Produce retainable dusting sample-swatches to help troubleshoot complaints.

Additive, Binder, and Pigment Suppliers can quickly demonstrate the impact which their products have on dust or surface debris.

Every additive sales and technical rep should carry the Dusting/Surface Contamination Gauge for “before-and after” machine-trials. Normally paper- machine-trials result when a mill is addressing a particular issue with a particular converter. Often by the time dusting, milking or whitening results are back from the printer or converter, the mill has moved on to other issues and the motivation is lost. A successful trial requires immediate results. With the Gauge, dusting and surface debris results can be evaluated before the trial has ended. Additive, binder, and pigment decisions can be made immediately.

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